A very introspective and powerful reflection. You are indeed one of the rare people who doesn’t try to push to their absolute limits to achieve the mythical goal of unending power and fame. This piece challenged me it has inspired me to think differently about my own goals. And about what is truly important.

I was just reflecting today how, as humans, we so often make ourselves anxious and waste money, time, and the very years of our lives attempting to acquire more money, time, and years. We are obsessed with getting as much as we can in this life and making this life last as long as possible.

But only God knows the number of our days, and only the life lived in accordance with His purposes and will ultimately has any lasting value. All else is, as Solomon wrote, vanity and vexation of spirit (or chasing the wind, depending on the Bible translation you use). But therein is also comfort, for Christ promised life that extends through eternity, a life in which we will be whole and unfettered from the shackles of sin and the physical decay of earthly aging.

What we do with this life is important. But it struck me recently that it’s just the beginning of something much larger and grander.

On that note, I wonder if there will be books in heaven…?

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